InfoTalk Services

InfoTalk-Recognizer is an award-winning conversational speech recognition engine that helps businesses deliver more personalized and more customized service on demand. While businesses reap the benefits of cost-savings and new revenues, satisfied and loyal customers enjoy convenient, customized services that are easy to use.

By using the most natural form of communication - the human voice, the enhanced high-performance voice-enabled applications powered by InfoTalk-Recognizer ensure remarkable accuracy and flexibility - via any telephony network and in any environment, even under noisy conditions and through mobile networks.

InfoTalk-Recognizer can be used in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. From personalized banking services, flight information and reservation systems to directory services and call centers, customers can communicate and do business from any local, mobile or PDA phones.

With InfoTalk-Recognizer, users can navigate and jump through call menus easily to reach the service needed. Even more importantly, they can speak in mixed languages (such as English and Mandarin) and continuously, being confident that they will be clearly and accurately understood.

InfoTalk-Recognizer caters to a wide range of languages and dialects that are commonly used in Asia, the Americas and Europe, and flexibly handles accent variations.

InfoTalk-Recognizier has a user-friendly interface and scalable architecture. Integrating InfoTalk-Recognizer into existing voice-enabled systems is fast, easy and cost-effective. Advanced and sophisticated technologies including grammar development and voice data indexing technologies as well as grammar tools are the key capabilities that, among others, help developers easily deploy voice-enabled solutions on most technical infrastructures.

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