InfoTalk Services

InfoTalk-Speaker is the highest quality multi-lingual text-to-speech (TTS) engine in the market today. It speaks out computer and on-line texts in a natural, rhythmical and pleasant voice, with a quality far superior to any of the mechanical sounds of legacy technologies.

InfoTalk-Speaker completely revolutionizes the voice application horizon. There is no longer the need to ask a human agent or voice talent to create voice recordings repeatedly, which is cumbersome, unreliable and non-practical. Instead, InfoTalk-Speaker automatically converts computer and on-line texts and speaks in a natural voice.

InfoTalk-Speaker makes possible high quality unified messaging services (UMS) like email reading over any devices including fixed or mobile phones and PDAs. Enterprises and service providers can also deliver instant information and new value-added applications, including breaking news, stock quotes, flight numbers and so on.

Being available in various languages commonly used in Asia, the Americas and Europe, InfoTalk-Speaker is seamlessly integrated with our suite of conversational speech understanding products, InfoTalk RSVP, delivering highly scalable integrated voice-enabled solutions.

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