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Pre-Sales Engineer - China (Several vacancies)

Major Responsibilities

Successful candidates will need to:
1. work in Beijing or Shenzhen;
2. present company products and solutions to customers;
3. handle solution tender and technical document and questions;
4. develop product, solution and technology document;
5. support sales activities.


Applicants should be:
1. bachelor degree holders in data communications, computer science or related discipline, with over 3 years of related working experience; with related experience in major network communications equipment companies in China preferred;
2. familiar with characteristics of network switch; with experience in carrier-grade network design and implementation preferred;
3. preferred to have experience in implementation in major network, speech recognition or speech syntheses projects;
4. presentable and have good English oral capability; be self-motivated and responsible; have good interpersonal skills and be a team player;
5. willing to travel occasionally.

After-Sales Engineers - China (Several vacancies)

Major responsibilities

Successful candidates should:
1. work in Beijing or Shenzhen;
2. handle customer enquiries and provide guidance to customers;
3. be responsible for system installation and fine tuning and development of project-related technical document (like manual);
4. handle problems encountered by customers;
5. be responsible for customer training.


Applicants should:
1. be bachelor degree holder in data communications or computer related discipline, with at least 3 years of experience in mid-to-large-sized network system integration design and implementation;
2. have strong network knowledge with extensive experience in network project implementation; be familiar with capability of network switches from major manufacturers;
3. possess strong organizing capability, good interpersonal and communications skills and be a team player;
4. be presentable and have good English oral capability; be self-motivated and responsible;
5. be willing to travel occasionally.

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