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InfoTalk Corporation is a leading provider of multi-lingual conversational speech understanding technology. We envision voice-enabled information access and transactions anytime, anywhere by anyone and via any device around the world.

Moving into the mobile internet era, we believe that there is a real need to transform information access and retrieval by traditional input devices such as the keyboard and keypad to devices that can recognize voice and process everyday speech. Our award-winning technology is set to enhance quality and efficiency in our everyday lives.

We strive to refine our full range of advanced speech technologies in speech recognition, text-to-speech, speaker verification and speech platform to meet our customers' needs in developing successful speech understanding and speech processing applications. In the information-centric world, speech solutions are likely to help our customers attract and retain customers through instant and convenient information access and transactions. Our technologies can be applied through any devices including fixed-line, mobile or PDA phones, enabling numerous voice-enabled applications of the kind.

Founded in 1996, InfoTalk has already established a strong presence in Asia-Pacific where the majority of the successful voice-enabled solutions are powered by InfoTalk. With our foothold in Asia, we are proactively expanding our presence worldwide.

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