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Imagine there is a customer of a bank and a financial institution who is in urgent need of selling a stock in hand but the customer service system puts him on hold for a long time. Finally the call is answered but the ideal price of the stock is gone forever. Getting frustrated, the customer may switch to another bank or financial institution which can provide him/her with instant access of information and services.

What has been depicted is only one typical scenario when a customer gets frustrated. Customer relationship is always the key to the success of a bank or financial service provider while stock brokerage service is only one of the many services banks or financial institutions provide. With products and services ranging from deposits, credit card, insurance and loan, banks and financial service providers must look into ways to improve customer satisfaction through instant service access while reducing operating costs of providing a wide range of services.

By eliminating the needs for customers to wait for an available human operator, voice-enabled solutions can help banks and financial institutions provide round-the-clock automated services to their esteemed customers in a secure manner. Operating cost can also be significantly reduced as less manpower is required to handle routine tasks that can be automated. Major banks and financial service providers, including Bank of East Asia in Hong Kong, the largest independent Chinese bank, are already experiencing the benefits of voice-enabled solutions empowered by InfoTalk's speech technologies.

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