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"InfoTalk's state-of-the-art conversational speech recognition technology enables East Asia Securities to better serve its customers, by providing them with real-time stock price quotes for stocks listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, Hang Seng Index and sub-indices by simply speaking naturally on any telephone. With this technology in place, we are able to enhance customer value by enabling more effective utilization of our resources."

Mr. Samson Li
Managing Director
East Asia Securities Company Limited
A State-of-the-art Speech Recognition Technology That Powers Bank of East Asia's Next Generation Banking Services

As the largest independent Chinese bank in Hong Kong, The Bank of East Asia provides customers with a wide range of banking products and services including deposits, foreign exchange, Supreme Account, loans, insurance, credit card, MPF and cyberbanking service. East Asia Securities Company Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Bank of East Asia Limited, provides a wide range of stock broking services to customers who wish to deal in Hong Kong listed securities, stock options as well as China B shares.

The Solution

In a move to equip customers with the latest stock information, East Asia Securities has launched the 'Interactive Real-Time Stock Price Quote Service', the first of its kind in Hong Kong in December 2000. This state-of-the-art service allows customers to obtain instant real-time stock quotes using simple verbal instructions via any telephone. Customers can now dial the East Asia Securities Cyberbanking securities trading hotline and access real-time stock price quotes for stocks listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, Hang Seng Index and sub-indices can be made by either simply reading out the stock names, in full or in alias form or stock codes.

The Technology

- Conversational Speech Recognition
- Mixed language capability
- Speaker-independent and accent tolerant
- Text-to-Speech
- Real-time application

Benefits and Advantages

Easy and instant access: Callers need only call the hotline number and speak the name or the code of the stock. The system replies instantly and callers are not required to memorize the stock's code.

Mixed language capability: InfoTalk-Recognizer, the state-of-the-art conversational speech recognition engine, can recognize mixed languages e.g. Cantonese and English (e.g. ASM§”•≠¨v), a popular scenario in a mixed cultural place like Hong Kong.

Quick automated response: With East Asia Securities's interactive voice recognition system, callers can quickly receive real-time stock quotes without going through a long list of touch-tone options or to wait for an available operator.

Convenience: Callers can use any phone, over any network, any time at any place. They do not need a computer, internet access or costly subscription to a stock quote machine.

Speaker-independent: InfoTalk-Recognizer, the conversational speech recognition engine behind the state-of-the-art system understands multilingual languages spoken by any person, even with a dialectic accent.

Open platforms: InfoTalk-Recognizer runs on most industry standard platforms, operating systems and telephony hardware.

Fully scalable: InfoTalk-Recognizer's client-sever architecture allows East Asia Securities to quickly expand the system capacity to handle the high volume of call traffic if need arises.

Efficient and Cost-effective: The real-time interactive stock quote system powered by InfoTalk-Recognizer enables East Asia Securities to fully utilize its resources and help cutting the operation cost of having many operators answering stock enquiries.

Reliable technology: The award-winning InfoTalk-Recognizer delivers high accuracy and consistent performance.

Maintenance free: The real-time interactive stock quote system is fully automated and completely self-maintained. It does not require special operations and runs without operator attention or interference.

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