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Among all the various industries, government and utilities serve the widest customer base. It is important for their call centers to handle high volume of phone calls from their customers. The call centers have to support a wide range of information, including account balance, information enquiry, online service and technical support. As cost is always a concern in providing public services, it is a real challenge for the government and public utilities to provide quality customer service while cost is being minimized.

With a highly scalable architecture, InfoTalk's speech technology is the best choice to tackle such a challenge. Through speech technologies, customers will become more satisfied thanks to instant, user-friendly access to common information and services. Flexible navigation provided by speech recognition technologies will prevent callers from running into the call jail problem commonly found in large, conventional IVR systems. By deploying voice-enabled applications with their call centers, government departments and utility companies can simultaneously reduce their operating cost and fully utilize their human resources to provide other specialized services.

InfoTalk's technologies have been chosen by many utility companies and government departments, including the Immigration Department of the Hong Kong Government, the Hong Kong and China Gas Company, and the Beijing People's Government Tiananmen District Management Committee.

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