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As technology proliferates, people are enjoying more convenience through automated services from touch-tone information systems and mobile devices that embrace a wide range of applications. It is interesting that as technology evolves, it's now coming back to the most basic and effective form of communication: human voice. Imagine that one can talk to an information system or mobile device and instantly get the information or services you want. It is just as simple and natural as we communicate with other people in our daily lives.

With our extensive expertise in speech technologies research and application development, InfoTalk provides multi-lingual conversational speech understanding technologies for voice-enabled interactive applications. Any industry that needs to interact with customers can benefit from voice-enabled, user-friendly interfaces catered to the needs of their customers and their specific cultural environment. Reliable and convenient voice-enabled systems can reduce cost and enhance customer satisfaction, whether you are a telephone operator, a bank, an airline or an energy provider.

Since 1996, InfoTalk has been delivering various voice-enabled applications across different industries including telecommunications, banking and finance, travel and transportation, and government and utilities. Through these automated voice-enabled applications, users can just speak to receive information or perform transactions via any devices any time, anywhere. No matter how simple or complicated the interaction is, InfoTalk can help our customers develop powerful voice-enabled applications, from revenue-generating solutions to value-added applications, and from tailor-made solutions like voice portal and CRM applications to turnkey solutions such as auto-attendant systems.

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