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"InfoTalk's speech understanding technology has enhanced our service quality and has reduced our operational costs, bringing users and Shenzhen International Airport a lot of benefits."

Mr. Biao Huang
Technology Department
Shenzhen International Airport
Shenzhen International Airport Speech-activated Flight Enquiry System

Shenzhen International Airport is a modern airport, meeting the standards of any international airport. Since its launch in October 1991, it has quickly become one of the seven busiest airports in China and has been ranked number five in passenger throughput among airports in China. The airport's growth rate has been over 35% every year in the past four years. Currently, the airport offers 74 domestic and seven international routes, accessing 57 cities in China and overseas. Shenzhen International Airport is the first international airport in China to be certified as an International Hygiene Airport by the International Hygiene Organization.

The Solution

In order to enhance service quality, Shenzhen International Airport launched the world's first trilingual flight enquiry system in June 2000 using InfoTalk's award-winning conversational speech understanding engine, InfoTalk-Recognizer. Callers can now dial the 24-hour Shenzhen International Airport Flight Enquiry Hotline and access flight information in Putonghua, Cantonese or English via any telephone at anytime, anywhere. The speech-activated flight enquiry system helps Shenzhen International Airport reduce its costs, thus enhancing service efficiency. Users don't need to listen to long lists of touch-tone options, further increasing user-convenience

The Technology

- Conversational speech understanding
- Speaker-independent and accent tolerant
- Real-time application
- Dynamic information database management
- Languages include: English, Putonghua and Cantonese

The Benefits

Quick automated response: With Shenzhen International Airport's speech-activated flight enquiry system, callers can quickly receive real-time flight information without going through a long list of touch-tone options or having to wait for an available operator.

Dynamic database: The system is connected to the flight database of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, ensuring the information provided is quick and accurate.

Multilingual capability: InfoTalk's advanced conversational speech understanding engine, InfoTalk-Recognizer, accurately recognizes Putonghua, Cantonese and English.

Convenience: InfoTalk-Recognizer can provide a friendly interface. Callers only need to read out their choices to instantly access accurate information.

Open platforms: InfoTalk-Recognizer runs on most industry-standard platforms, operating systems and telephony hardware.

Maintenance-free: The real-time flight enquiry system is fully automated and completely self-maintained. It does not require special operations and runs without operator attention or interference.

Fully scalable: InfoTalk-Recognizer's client-sever architecture allows Shenzhen International Airport to quickly expand its system capacity to handle high volumes of caller traffic.

Efficient and Cost-effective: The real-time flight enquiry system powered by InfoTalk-Recognizer enables Shenzhen International Airport to fully utilize its resources and helps cut operational costs.

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