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Mobile devices like handsets and personal digital assistants (PDAs) are now featuring more and more functions while their sizes are becoming smaller than ever before. We are therefore entering into a paradox in which users prefer the handheld devices to be small enough so that they are more mobile, but yet, big enough so that they do not need to fumble with the small keypads.

At InfoTalk, we believe that our revolutionary voice-activated solutions provide answers to this paradox. When powered by InfoTalk, handheld devices can remain small and mobile while the user interfaces are friendly and easy to use. Based on our technological expertise and hundreds of man-years of experience in voice-activated solutions, we provide speaker-independent embedded automatic speech recognition (ASR) engine, InfoTalk-Recognizer-Handheld, and text-to-speech (TTS) engine, InfoTalk-Speaker-Handheld, for handheld devices.

InfoTalk's revolutionary speech products run in a variety of devices. Come in and have a glimpse of the handsets powered by InfoTalk!

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