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InfoTalk-Recognizer-Handheld is the first and only software product that supports speaker-independent, flexible-vocabulary and enrollment-free speech recognition for Asian and Western languages in embedded environments. In great contrast to previous generations of similar products, InfoTalk-Recognizer-Handheld requires no user training and enrollment at all before usage. It is designed to deliver unsurpassed speech recognition performance for embedded electronic devices, such as mobile phones and wireless handheld devices. It handles flexible vocabularies and has a small footprint and CPU requirements. The engine is software-based and is optimized to achieve high accuracy while efficiently utilizing the limited capabilities on prevailing embedded processors in mobile devices.

InfoTalk-Recognizer-Handheld can be easily integrated into embedded solutions that require high recognition performance, robustness in noise handling, fast response time, and rapid time-to-market. Its extremely low CPU and memory requirements are essential for handheld applications such as speaker-independent phonebook dialing, continuous digit dialing, command-and-control menu navigation, song selection on MP3 players, and more.

InfoTalk-Recognizer-Handheld has modular software architecture and a flexible Application Programming Interface (API) that allows rapid integration with mobile and handheld platforms. InfoTalk-Recognizer-Handheld supports different Western and Asian languages, including Chinese Cantonese, Chinese Mandarin, English for UK, English for US, Japanese, Korean and major European languages.

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