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At InfoTalk, we offer an array of professional services, aiming at helping our customers develop the most cost-effective voice-enabled applications. Understanding customers' requirement is always the key to the success of any voice-enabled system development and deployment. At the initial stage, we work closely with our customers, partners, developers and service providers to identify all the system requirements and help them design and implement the system through our unsurpassed services.

After gathering all requirements, we help our customers design, develop and deploy successful voice-enabled solutions. In the design and development stage, we provide customized call flow design and grammar development services to ensure a well-designed system based on human factors principles. Upon completion of development, we work closely with our customers to deploy the application and provide fine-tuning services to ensure that the system is running with optimal performance.

Our experts in natural language understanding and professionals with extensive deployment experience provide call flow design services that meet the unique requirements of each voice-enabled system and increases end-user satisfaction. The human-machine interface (HMI) is the soul of a voice-enabled system, defining the human speech input to the system and voice output from the system to the end user. With our extensive experience in deploying successful speech-enabled solutions, we are able to help our customers, partners, developers and service providers design unique HMI and grammars customized for each system. Through dynamic and regular grammar updates, our fine-tuning services ensure the optimal recognition performance that evolves with the system over time, and accommodating changes in the speaking pattern and vocabulary of local populations.

Our fine-tuning services start at the pilot test stage of the system. We monitor the performance of the system and fine-tune the recognition parameters to ensure optimal performance. After the system is fully launched, we continue to deliver our professional services, providing call flow modification, grammar updates and accuracy fine tuning services to meet the high expectations from our customers.

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