InfoTalk Services

InfoTalk-Recognizer is an award-winning conversational speech recognition engine (or voice recognition engine) for mixed languages, including Cantonese, Putonghua, and Mandarin Chinese (廣東話,普通話,國語, 中文). Using the latest artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies, InfoTalk-Recognizer helps businesses and applications deliver more personalized, natural and human-like services. While businesses reap the benefits of cost-savings and new revenues, satisfied and loyal customers enjoy convenient, customized services that are easy to use.

By using the most natural form of communication - the human voice, the enhanced high-performance voice-enabled applications powered by InfoTalk-Recognizer ensure remarkable accuracy, flexibility, and accent tolerance - via any telephone and data networks in any environments and under quiet and noisy conditions.

InfoTalk-Recognizer and its speech recognition technology enable a wide range of internet, digital, cloud-based, and interactive voice response (IVR) platforms for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. From chatbots, robots, voicebots, and voice chatbots to banking, transportation, and government systems to reservations, directory services, and call centers, users can communicate and do business from any environments by simply speaking.

InfoTalk-Recognizer has a user-friendly interface and scalable architecture, using both industry-standard APIs and/or specialized APIs. Integrating InfoTalk-Recognizer into applications is fast, easy and cost-effective, and yet reliable, flexible, and fault-tolerant. Natural language understanding (NLU), natural language processing (NLP), voice data indexing, and voice data mining are examples of advanced and sophisticated technologies that can be voice-enabled and empowered by InfoTalk-Recognizer and its voice recognition technology.

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