InfoTalk Services

Leveraging an open-standard - VoiceXML, InfoTalk-Vbrowser Platform provides a unique yet convenient environment that facilitates rapid development and deployment of voice-enabled solutions by our partners and customers. VoiceXML is a technology for accelerating and expanding the reach of Internet through voice-enabled services. Based on the World Wide Web Consortium's industrial-standard eXtensible Markup Language (XML), VoiceXML is designed to describe the verbal interaction in voice-enabled applications that access web-based Internet and intranet content and services.

Bundling the full suite of InfoTalk RSVP speech products, InfoTalk-Vbrowser Platform allows developers and service providers to leverage on the existing web infrastructure through VoiceXML, and thus to build voice-enabled solutions at a lower cost when compared to the traditional voice-enabled applications.

InfoTalk-Vbrowser is a VoiceXML interpreter that is fully integrated with other InfoTalk products to form the InfoTalk-Vbrowser Platform. The integrated platform provides advanced graphical Asian language grammar development tools, and an OAM tool for administering and monitoring resources.

Supporting online modification of the applications, InfoTalk-Vbrowser empowers developers and service providers to rapidly deploy and easily update services for browsing Internet and enterprise information and performing transaction with the voice-enabled applications.

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