InfoTalk Services

Like fingerprints, every person has a unique voice and thus a distinct voiceprint. InfoTalk-Verifier is a state-of-the-art speaker authentication software that operates in multiple languages. With the knowledge of a speaker's voiceprint, it verifies the speaker's identity with unparalleled accuracy by requesting the speaker to say certain words, phrases, sentences or digits based on his/her speaking characteristics and unique voiceprint.

As easy as it is, a user only needs to take a short time to first enroll in the system. After the system has filed the voiceprint, he/she can call into the system to request access or services. If the voice matches the voiceprint, the user will be authorized to access the system or services.

InfoTalk-Verifier is perfectly integrated with InfoTalk's full suite of speech technology products, InfoTalk RSVP, and can be used in a wide range of vertical industries that require high levels of security and convenience, including financial, insurance, securities, telecommunications and e-business. With InfoTalk-Verifier, users can easily access the system to retrieve the required confidential information or perform important transactions anytime, anywhere.

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