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20+ Years of Speech and Voice Expertise in Hong Kong and Asia
Hong Kong's best Cantonese speech, voice, language, and conversational ai technologies company


Founded in 1996, InfoTalk is a premier provider of multilingual conversational AI voice, speech, and language solutions.  Its flagship products, InfoTalk-RSVP, are embedded into powerful AI solutions used by corporations, institutions, and enterprises in a wide variety of industries, such as telecommunications, transportation, banks, finance, betting, entertainment, government, real estate, logistics, utilities, travel, and tourism, as well as by the visually-impaired.



InfoTalk’s founding team is from Massachusetts Institute of Technology: (1) endowed as research scientist from the world-renowned MIT Spoken Language Systems Group; (2) graduated with PhD from the groundbreaking MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory; and (3) appointed as engineer from the prestigious MIT Lincoln Laboratory.  InfoTalk is well-managed by a team of technologists and innovators of conversational AI voice, speech and language solutions.  They are experts and enthusiasts in artificial intelligence (AI), deep machine learning, neural networks, automatic speech recognition (ASR)speech-to-text (STT)text-to-speech (TTS)natural language processing (NLP), as well as conversation, dialogue, and discourse management.

InfoTalk's Founder and CEO is a scientist who obtained his PHD from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Award-winning company in voice, speech, language, and conversational technologies


Through the years, InfoTalk has received numerous international awards from Hong Kong, Asia, US, and Europe. Some of the awards are presented by chief executives of technology leaders, such as Intel, and the Hong Kong Government.


Latest_award   HK Award

Technology Grown-Up

Beginning as a start-up in the incubation program of the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park, InfoTalk has grown up to become the market leader in conversational AI offering speech, voice, and languages technologies. To date, millions of users in the public have used InfoTalk-RSVP one way or another, bringing the technology well beyond laboratory or experimental stage.

Hong Kong Science and Technology Park, the location where InfoTalk began their revolutionary speech, voice, conversational ai technologies.

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