Best Multi-Lingual Cantonese Speech Analytics

[Voice Mining, 語音分析]

Best and highest quality Speech Analytics in Hong Kong

InfoTalk-Analyst is an innovative speech analytics solution that answers the great needs of many call centers and contact centers today. Powered by InfoTalk-RSVP of international awards, InfoTalk-Analyst processes voice interactions between callers and human agents producing text transcripts for further analyses. It helps owners of call centers to pinpoint cost drivers and market trends, to detect customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction, to identify strengths and weaknesses of products and operational efficiency, to train and monitor the performance of human agents and representatives, and to comply with regulations and rules.

InfoTalk-Analyst (Speech Analytics) is designed and engineered for multilingual environments such as Hong Kong, where Cantonese, English, and Putonghua are the most commonly-spoken languages [廣東話, 港式粵語, 普通話, 中文, 英語].

Major Features

Cantonese, Putonghua Chinese, English [廣東話, 香港粵語, 普通話, 中文]

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Inside:
InfoTalk-RSVP: Seamless integration of speech, voice, and language technologies. InfoTalk-Recognizer for speech recognition (ASR), InfoTalk-Speaker for text-to-speech (TTS), InfoTalk-Vbrowser for IVR, and InfoTalk-Processor for natural language understanding and processing (NLP) and (NLU).

Rapid Deployment:
Industry-Standard Compliance. Phone Networks and Data Networks.

Privacy & Flexibility:
On-Premises and/or Cloud. Out-of-the-Box and/or Customization.

InfoTalk welcomes partnerships with developers for call center applications.

multilingual speech analytics in Cantonese, Putonghua, and English for multicultural environments
Hong Kong's best Cantonese Speech Recognition (ASR) / Speech to Text (STT) / Text to Speech (TTS) and Synthesis contact

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