Best Cantonese Natural Language Processing
[NLP, NLU, 自然語言處理]

As a winner of multiple awards, InfoTalk-Processor is widely accepted as the premier solution for applications that require natural language processing and natural language understanding (NLP and NLU). InfoTalk-Processor is tightly integrated with the rest of the InfoTalk-RSVP family, including InfoTalk-Recognizer, InfoTalk-Speaker, and InfoTalk-Vbrowser.

InfoTalk-Processor is ideal for applications, such as chatbots, voicebots, call centers, customer services, intelligent interactive voice response (IIVR and IVR) systems, and automated receptionists.

Major Features

Outstanding Accuracy:
Tolerance to Colloquial, Idiosyncratic, Expressive, and Slangy Inputs.

User-Friendly Technology:
Multiple & Mixed Languages (e.g. Cantonese, English, Putonghua Chinese). Tightly Integrated with the rest of the InfoTalk-RSVP family, Utilizing AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning Technologies [Artificial Intelligence, 人工智能,機器學習,深度學習].

Industry Standard:
Rapid Deployment and Compliance. Phone Networks and Data Networks. Customers across many industries.

Performance & Scalability:
Scalable Operation. Load-Balancing Architecture. Disaster Recovery.

Privacy & Flexibility:
On Premises and/or Cloud. Out-of-the-Box and/or Customization.

Sibling Voice Products:
InfoTalk-RSVP, InfoTalk-Recognizer, InfoTalk-Speaker, InfoTalk-Vbrowser.