Comprehensive Family of Speech Technologies for Your Business
RSVP consists of the best Cantonese speech recognition, text-to-speech, IVR, and natural language processing technologies in Hong Kong

InfoTalk-RSVP is an all-around complete suite of speech products, making InfoTalk a one-stop shop for all the voice and language needs of your business.  Whether you choose to use all four products at the same time, or one product at a time, InfoTalk-RSVP is here to help your business grow.

Powered by revolutionary conversational AI technologies in speech-to-text, text-to-speech, intelligent IVR, and natural language processing, InfoTalk-RSVP is ideal for a variety of voice and language solutions, such as AI chatbots, voicebots, virtual assistants, virtual receptionists, virtual kiosks, talking robots, e-books, intelligent interactive voice response (IIVR and IVR) systems, speech transcription, and voice-enabled applications in a wide range of industries, including telecommunications, finance, banking, transportation, betting, entertainment, government, real estate, logistics, utilities, travel, and tourism.


#1 Multilingual and Mixed-lingual Technology for Automatic Speech Recognition and Speech-to-Text [ASR, STT, 語音轉文字]. Best Cantonese ASR and STT of the Highest Professional Quality [廣東話, 香港粵語].

#1 Multilingual and Mixed-lingual Technology for Text-to-Speech [TTS, 文字轉語音]. World’s Best and Highest-Quality Cantonese TTS of Human Professional Quality [廣東話, 香港粵語].

#1 Industry-Standard Technology for Intelligent Interactive Voice Response (IVR and IIVR) Systems. Ideal for Integrating with ASR, STT, TTS, NLP, and NLU.

#1 Multilingual and Mixed-lingual Technology for Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Understanding [NLP, NLU, 自然語言理解, 自然語言處理]. Best Voice-Enabled Cantonese NLP and NLU [廣東話, 香港粵語].

InfoTalk Recognizer (ASR/Speech Recognition), InfoTalk Speaker (TTS/Text-to-Speech), InfoTalk Vbrowser (IVR/Interactive Voice Response), InfoTalk-Processor (NLP/Natural Language Processing).
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