Best Multi-Lingual Cantonese AI-Receptionist

[Virtual Receptionist, Auto Receptionist, 人工智能接待員]

Best and highest quality ai auto virtual receptionist in Hong Kong

InfoTalk-Receptionist is an innovative automation solution that answers the high demands of the business world today.  Enabled by InfoTalk-RSVP of international awards, it is an AI-Receptionist or Auto-Receptionist that works by the voice.  Designed and engineered to answer repetitive and perhaps mundane questions, InfoTalk-Receptionist frees up the human receptionist to handle inquiries that require human intelligence.  The user speaks to InfoTalk-Receptionist instead of typing and listens to InfoTalk-Receptionist instead of (or in addition to) reading.


InfoTalk-Receptionist is ideal for automation in offices, buildings, centers, and malls, providing face-to-face interactions and over-the-phone automation.  It is ideal for multilingual environments such as Hong Kong, where Cantonese, English, and Putonghua are the most commonly-spoken languages [廣東話, 港式粵語, 普通話, 中文, 英語].

Major Features

Cantonese, Putonghua Chinese, English [廣東話, 香港粵語, 普通話, 中文]

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Inside:
InfoTalk-RSVP: Seamless integration of speech, voice, and language technologies. InfoTalk-Recognizer for speech recognition (ASR), InfoTalk-Speaker for text-to-speech (TTS), InfoTalk-Vbrowser for IVR, and InfoTalk-Processor for natural language understanding and processing (NLP) and (NLU).

Rapid Deployment:
Industry-Standard Compliance. Phone Networks and Data Networks.

Privacy & Flexibility:
On-Premises and/or Cloud. Out-of-the-Box and/or Customization.

InfoTalk welcomes partnerships with developers for AI applications.

multilingual ai auto virtual receptionist in Cantonese, Putonghua, and English for multicultural environments
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