Award-Winning Technology for Speech Recognition and Speech-to-Text

As a winner of multiple awards, InfoTalk-Recognizer is widely accepted as the premier solution for applications that require multi-lingual, mixed-lingual automatic speech recognition (ASR) and/or speech-to-text (STT).

InfoTalk-Recognizer is ideal for applications, call centers, chatbots, voicebots, customer services, such as intelligent interactive voice response (IIVR and IVR) systems, automated receptionists, transcriptions, transcribe applications, voice control devices, voice typing, speech writing, audio to text conversions.


Major Features

Industry Standard:
Noise and Accent Tolerance.

User Friendliness:
Multiple & Mixed Languages (e.g. Cantonese, English, Putonghua). Natural Language Processing and Understanding (NLP & NLU). Barge-In.

Rapid Deployment:
Industry-Standard Compliance.

Performance & Scalability:
Scalable Operation.  Load-Balancing Architecture.  Disaster Recovery

Privacy & Flexibility:
On Premises and/or Cloud.  Out-of-the-Box and/or Customization.

Speech Recognition. Voice Recognition. Speech-to-Text. Voice-to-Text.  語音控制. 語音辨識.